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Stock Price

1,12 USD

8.13% ROA

57.49% ROE

6.34x PER

Market Cap.

244.033.852,00 USD

251.58% DER

0% Yield

59.4% NPM

Brooge Energy Limited Stock Analysis

Brooge Energy Limited Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental analysis in stock investing is like studying the foundation of a house before buying it. It involves looking at a company's financial health, like its earnings, assets, and debts, to determine if it's a good investment based on its fundamental strength and potential for growth.

Brooge Energy Limited Fundamental Stock Analysis
# Analysis Rating

ROE surpassing expectations (41.93%) highlights strong profitability and efficient use of shareholders' equity, making it an appealing investment prospect.

2 Assets Growth

This company's revenue has experienced steady growth over the last five years, indicating a reliable and prosperous financial trajectory.


The stock's ROA (8.13%) indicates that it's doing well in making money from the things it owns. This makes it a good option to invest and make consistent profits.

4 Revenue Growth

Over the past three years, this company's revenue has consistently grown, demonstrating a positive financial trend that makes it an appealing choice.

5 Net Profit Growth

The net profit of this company has shown steady growth over the past three years, highlighting its positive financial trajectory and making it an appealing choice for potential investors.


The stock's high Price-to-Book Value (P/BV) ratio (4.19x) suggests it's overvalued, potentially making it an expensive investment.


The stock is burdened with a heavy load of debt (252%), making it financially unstable and potentially risky for investors.

8 Graham Number

The Graham number of this company suggests that its stock price may be overvalued, indicating a less favorable investment opportunity.

9 Dividend Growth

Investors should note the company's stagnant dividend growth over the past three years, indicating limited profitability and potentially diminishing returns.

10 Dividend

The company has not distributed any dividends in the past three years, which may raise concerns for investors looking for regular income from their investments.

11 Buffet Intrinsic Value

The company's stock appears overvalued (-4) by Warren Buffett's formula, suggesting a less favorable investment opportunity as its market price exceeds its estimated intrinsic value.

Brooge Energy Limited Technical Analysis

Technical analysis in stock investing is like reading the patterns on a weather map to predict future weather conditions. It involves studying past stock price movements and trading volumes to make predictions about where a stock's price might go next, without necessarily looking at the company's financial health.

Brooge Energy Limited Technical Stock Analysis
# Analysis Recommendation
1 Awesome Oscillator Hold
2 MACD Buy
3 RSI Hold
4 Stoch RSI Buy

Brooge Energy Limited Price Chart

Financial Statements

Financial statements are like report cards for companies. They show how much money a company makes (income statement), what it owns and owes (balance sheet), and where it spends its money (cash flow statement), helping stock investors understand if a company is healthy and worth investing in.

Income Statements

An income statement for a company is like a scoreboard for its profits and losses. It shows how much money the company made (revenue) and how much it spent to make that money (expenses), helping stock investors see if a company is making a profit or not.

Revenue in stock investing is the total amount of money a company earns from its sales, and it's a key factor that investors consider to assess a company's financial performance and growth potential.

Brooge Energy Limited Revenue
Year Revenue Growth
2017 89.593
2018 35.839.268 99.75%
2019 44.082.860 18.7%
2020 41.831.537 -5.38%
2021 41.761.615 -0.17%
2022 81.540.776 48.78%

Research and Development Expenses are the costs a company incurs to create and improve its products or services, which can be important for investors to evaluate a company's innovation and potential for future growth.

Brooge Energy Limited Research and Development Expenses
Year Research and Development Expenses Growth
2017 0
2018 0 0%
2019 0 0%
2020 0 0%
2021 0 0%
2022 0 0%

General and Administrative Expenses are the costs a company incurs to run its day-to-day operations, such as office rent, salaries, and utilities, which investors consider to understand a company's overall efficiency and management effectiveness.

Brooge Energy Limited General and Administrative Expenses
Year General and Administrative Expenses Growth
2017 537.043
2018 2.369.899 77.34%
2019 2.205.064 -7.48%
2020 6.245.180 64.69%
2021 7.340.332 14.92%
2022 12.625.875 41.86%

EBITDA stands for Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization. It is a measure that helps stock investors analyze a company's profitability by looking at its earnings without considering certain expenses. This helps to get a clearer picture of the company's financial performance and its ability to generate cash flow.

Brooge Energy Limited EBITDA
Year EBITDA Growth
2017 -2.087.954
2018 29.578.072 107.06%
2019 30.747.068 3.8%
2020 28.185.951 -9.09%
2021 33.422.908 15.67%
2022 54.733.411 38.94%

Gross profit is the money a company makes from selling its products or services after subtracting the cost of producing or providing them, and it is an important measure for investors to understand a company's profitability.

Brooge Energy Limited Gross Profit
Year Gross Profit Growth
2017 -2.206.216
2018 26.231.908 108.41%
2019 32.952.132 20.39%
2020 28.886.777 -14.07%
2021 26.777.593 -7.88%
2022 56.849.334 52.9%

Net income in stock investing is like the money a company actually gets to keep as profit after paying all its bills, and it's an important measure to understand how well a company is doing financially.

Brooge Energy Limited Net Profit
Year Net Profit Growth
2017 -3.747.408
2018 15.720.013 123.84%
2019 -382.724.828 104.11%
2020 9.650.857 4065.71%
2021 12.801.059 24.61%
2022 38.487.899 66.74%

EPS, or earnings per share, is a measure that shows how much profit a company has earned for each outstanding share of its stock, and it is important for stock investors as it helps understand the profitability of a company and compare it with other companies in the market.

Brooge Energy Limited Earning per Share (EPS)
Year Earning per Share (EPS) Growth
2017 0
2018 0 0%
2019 -7 100%
2020 0 0%
2021 0 0%
2022 0 0%

Cashflow Statements

Cashflow statements show the movement of money in and out of a company, helping stock investors understand how much money a company makes and spends. By examining cashflow statements, investors can assess if a company is generating enough cash to pay its bills, invest in growth, and provide returns to stockholders.

Free cash flow is the leftover cash that a company generates after covering its operating expenses and capital expenditures, which is important for stock investors as it shows how much money a company has available to invest in growth, pay dividends, or reduce debt.

Brooge Energy Limited Free Cashflow
Year Free Cashflow Growth
2017 -24.177.470
2018 27.625.318 187.52%
2019 11.661.440 -136.89%
2020 -60.365.324 119.32%
2021 -37.612.144 -60.49%
2022 31.836.903 218.14%

Operating cash flow represents the cash generated or consumed by a company's day-to-day operations, excluding external investing or financing activities, and is crucial for stock investors as it shows how much cash a company is generating from its core business operations.

Brooge Energy Limited Operating Cashflow
Year Operating Cashflow Growth
2017 -2.252.917
2018 27.896.721 108.08%
2019 50.351.940 44.6%
2020 36.850.165 -36.64%
2021 29.210.832 -26.15%
2022 44.152.386 33.84%

Capex, short for capital expenditures, refers to the money a company spends on acquiring or upgrading tangible assets like buildings, equipment, or technology, which is important for stock investors as it indicates how much a company is investing in its infrastructure to support future growth and profitability.

Brooge Energy Limited Capital Expenditure
Year Capital Expenditure Growth
2017 21.924.553
2018 271.403 -7978.23%
2019 38.690.500 99.3%
2020 97.215.489 60.2%
2021 66.822.976 -45.48%
2022 12.315.483 -442.59%

Balance Sheet

Balance sheets provide a snapshot of a company's financial health and its assets (such as cash, inventory, and property) and liabilities (like debts and obligations) at a specific point in time. For stock investors, balance sheets help assess the company's overall worth and evaluate its ability to meet financial obligations and support future growth.

Equity refers to the ownership interest or stake that shareholders have in a company, representing their claim on its assets and earnings after all debts and liabilities are paid.

Brooge Energy Limited Equity
Year Equity Growth
2018 60.977.933
2019 125.125.875 51.27%
2020 128.618.677 2.72%
2021 78.491.436 -63.86%
2022 105.094.692 25.31%
2023 142.462.323 26.23%

Assets represent the valuable resources that a company owns, such as cash, inventory, property, and equipment, and understanding a company's assets helps investors assess its value and potential for generating future profits.

Brooge Energy Limited Assets
Year Assets Growth
2018 199.936.632
2019 307.252.460 34.93%
2020 432.623.546 28.98%
2021 457.224.529 5.38%
2022 473.645.292 3.47%
2023 506.686.002 6.52%

Liabilities refer to the financial obligations or debts that a company owes to creditors or external parties, and understanding a company's liabilities is important for investors as it helps assess the company's financial risk and ability to meet its obligations.

Brooge Energy Limited Liabilities
Year Liabilities Growth
2018 138.958.699
2019 182.126.585 23.7%
2020 304.004.869 40.09%
2021 378.733.093 19.73%
2022 368.550.600 -2.76%
2023 364.223.679 -1.19%

Brooge Energy Limited Financial Ratio (TTM)

Valuation Metrics

Revenue per Share
Net Income per Share
Price to Earning Ratio
Price To Sales Ratio
POCF Ratio
PFCF Ratio
Price to Book Ratio
EV to Sales
EV to Operating CashFlow
EV to FreeCashFlow
Earnings Yield
FreeCashFlow Yield
Market Cap
0,24 Bil.
Enterprise Value
0,51 Bil.
Graham Number
Graham NetNet

Income Statement Metrics

Net Income per Share
Income Quality
Return On Assets
Return On Capital Employed
Net Income per EBT
EBT Per Ebit
Ebit per Revenue
Effective Tax Rate


Sales, General, & Administrative to Revenue
Research & Developement to Revenue
Stock Based Compensation to Revenue
Gross Profit Margin
Operating Profit Margin
Pretax Profit Margin
Net Profit Margin


Dividend Yield
Dividend Yield %
Payout Ratio
Dividend Per Share

Operating Metrics

Operating Cashflow per Share
Free CashFlow per Share
Capex to Operating CashFlow
Capex to Revenue
Capex to Depreciation
Return on Invested Capital
Return on Tangible Assets
Days Sales Outstanding
Days Payables Outstanding
Days of Inventory on Hand
Receivables Turnover
Payables Turnover
Inventory Turnover
Capex per Share

Balance Sheet

Cash per Share
Book Value per Share
Tangible Book Value per Share
Shareholders Equity per Share
Interest Debt per Share
Debt to Equity
Debt to Assets
Net Debt to EBITDA
Current Ratio
Tangible Asset Value
0,11 Bil.
Net Current Asset Value
-0,35 Bil.
Invested Capital
Working Capital
-0,27 Bil.
Intangibles to Total Assets
Average Receivables
0,00 Bil.
Average Payables
0,01 Bil.
Average Inventory
Debt to Market Cap


Dividends in stock investing are like rewards that companies give to their shareholders. They are a portion of the company's profits distributed to investors, typically in the form of cash payments, as a way for them to share in the company's success.

Brooge Energy Limited Dividends
Year Dividends Growth

Brooge Energy Limited Profile

About Brooge Energy Limited

Brooge Energy Limited, through its subsidiaries, provides oil storage and related services at the Port of Fujairah in the emirate of Fujairah in the United Arab Emirates. The company operates phase I facility that comprises 14 storage tanks with an aggregate geometric capacity of 399,324 cbm for the storage, heating, and blending of fuel oil and clean petroleum products, including aviation fuel, gas oil, gasoline, marine gas oil, and naphtha. It also provides ancillary services that comprise blending and circulation, heating, throughput, and intertank transfer. The company was formerly known as Brooge Holdings Limited and changed its name to Brooge Energy Limited in April 2020. Brooge Energy Limited was incorporated in 2019 and is headquartered in Fujairah, the United Arab Emirates.

Mr. Paul Ditchburn
PO Box 50170

Brooge Energy Limited Executives & BODs

Brooge Energy Limited Executives & BODs
# Name Age
1 Mr. Paul Ditchburn
Chief Financial Officer & Interim Chief Executive Officer

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